things that make me cry

anthony griffith on the moth

i first listened to this as a podcast when i was living at home for the summer and driving to summer classes at uc santa cruz, and i cried like a baby.

meet claire | my last days

ridiculously sad and ridiculously inspiring at the same time. the world will have lost a truly beautiful and amazing person when claire is gone.

amy (2015)

saw this in the theater with my mom in san francisco when it came out. one of the most heartbreaking documentaries i've ever watched.


calvary (2014)

ultimately about forgiveness. saw this with my parents when it came out and thought it was mostly boring until the final scene. my mom asked me what my favorite part was as we were getting into the car afterward, and i burst into uncontrollable sobbing for a while. hurt me soul this one did.


stars - sleep tonight (2004)

this song is from one of my favorite albums in high school (still has a special place in my heart). it made me cry once listening to it in bed late at night, though it doesn't affect me much these days. i think i was probably having girl problems.

titanic (1997)

saw this in the theater with my parents when it came out (i was 8). wasn't interested then but watched it one day on dvd when i was home alone a few years later when i was a teenager (i think). there's a scene with an irish mother and her two kids where she knows they're all going to die, and the mom tells the kids just to go to sleep and not to worry, because when they wake up they'll be in tir na nog. it crushed me because i'd heard stories about tir na nog from my own mom. then i heard the garage opening and knew my dad was coming home so i wiped off the tears, took out the dvd, and put on something else.